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Samsung Gear S2 vs the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is not the first smartwatch to be announced, but ever since its launch, any competition from the Android Wear segment has been annihilated. This doesn’t mean the watches based on the Android Wear technology aren’t capable, efficient and beautiful, but there is some charm about Apple products that invariably leaves the competition guessing. Samsung is no stranger to the smartwatch game, and wants to take the Cupertino firm heads on with its Tizen-based Gear S2. Design and Build Quality The Gear S2 and the Apple Watch are two distinct breeds – there’s not just the primary software disparity (Tizen vs. watchOS 2), but the physical dimensions paint unique pictures too. The Apple Watch is rectangular with curvy corners. The S2 is round, more like a traditional watch. The build quality and design of the S2 is top-notch – probably even better than the Moto 360 and LG…

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Samsung Gear S2 vs the Apple Watch

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