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9 More Must-Read Online Marketing Articles for 2019

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When it comes to online marketing these days, there are two important things you must know… First of all, understand that knowledge is still power. Therefore, if you believe it, you must also practice what you preach and teach. The best marketers are those who read articles, gain knowledge, apply ...

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Top 10 Marketing Articles That Are Still Relevant

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Strategic marketing is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and strong brand identity. For achieving your strategic marketing goals, you need a clever mix of new and proven strategies. When it comes to the tried-and-tested strategies, we have created a list of 10 marketing articles that ...

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Do You Know Your Customers’ Online Marketing Needs?

When it comes to utilizing online marketing, many businesses understand that today’s customers don’t research companies as much or respond to the same types of ads as they did in the past. That suggests, for marketing efforts to be successful, that companies must take the steps necessary to learn more ...

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How Important is Video Marketing?

If your company is considering video marketing communications, ask yourself the following questions: Do you want to reach out to more potential customers? Do you want to help your business grow? Today, it’s nearly impossible to continue to reach new customers without marketing your business online. Owners of small to ...

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The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

From the prominence of the digital marketplace and the formation, growth, and interest in cryptocurrency, to cleaver social media marketing strategies, the world has quickly become a digital and social one. For businesses of any size to gain a toehold in this digitized world, social networking and media marketing is ...

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5 Things Companies Should Know About SEO Services

Search engine optimization or SEO services, aren’t always fun for owners of small- to medium-sized businesses, but they’re a necessary step toward success. It’s hard for small businesses to compete with big companies, because those firms often take up the all-important first page of search results and push organic results ...

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Utilizing Authority & Expertise in Online Marketing

Today’s consumers suffer from what’s known within the online marketing industry as information overload.  They’re deluged each day with more information about products and services than they can possibly process, making it difficult for companies to reach their audiences.  Just about every business owner has probably heard about online marketing ...

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Can Brand Marketing Success be Found in Selling Solutions?

Today’s customers are bombarded with brand marketing and advertisements online, as well as on television. This leads to a condition known as information overload, and customers are learning to quickly tune everything out.  As such, this can sometimes make it difficult for companies utilizing conventional advertising techniques to capture the ...

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Should Companies Use Empathy in Brand Marketing?

Empathy is becoming a crucial part of brand marketing as consumers are demanding that companies show understanding of and sensitivity to their issues, concerns, and struggles. As the year continues, the world is swiftly moving toward a more customer-centric marketing model where brands must know and identify with its customers. ...

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Keeping Brand Marketing & Advertising Relevant

Today’s consumers face a variety of challenges when shopping for goods and services; this is why brand marketing must remain relevant in order for companies to continue to hold a place in the market share. Gone are the days when an ad in the phone book or the back of ...

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